eye doctor Fayetteville As eye care professionals we are obviously biased in regards to the organ that we call our eyes. We find eyes to be endlessly fascinating. For an organ that seems to have only one function and to perform it so simply, the eye is actually pretty complex and amazing. We believe that these facts about your eyes prove just how great your eyes really are.

  1. Your vision is such an important part of your day, it takes half of your brain to fully process all of its messages.
  2. An eye weighs only about a 1/4 of an ounce.
  3. The 6 muscles that control your eyes are the most active muscles in your body.
  4. There are seven main parts to the eye.
  5. Seeing the shapes of objects is possible through our eye’s rod-shaped cells. Its cone-shaped cells allow you to see colors.
  6. It only takes approximately 48 hours for an eye to repair a scratch to its cornea.
  7. As of now it is still impossible to surgically transplant an eyeball because of the sensitivity and complexity of the optic nerve.
  8. Newborn babies don’t produce tears. Humans begin to see tears anywhere between four and 13 weeks old.

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