1. Amazing Facts About Your Eyes

    As eye care professionals we are obviously biased in regards to the organ that we call our eyes. We find eyes to be endlessly fascinating. For an organ that seems to have only one function and to perform it so simply, the eye is actually pretty complex and amazing. We believe that these facts about your eyes prove just how great your eyes really are. Your vision is such an important part of your d…Read More

  2. Is Your Child at Risk for Eye Problems?

    Ask any expecting parent what they want for their newborn and the answer will overwhelmingly be "I just want my baby to be healthy". It's not surprising that parents simply want their child to be free of health problems; good health lends to an overall better quality of life. However, when the unfortunate circumstances do come together to create a less-than-optimal health outlook for a child, it i…Read More

  3. Helpful Tips to Protect Your Eye Sight

    Sitting too close to the TV; reading in low-light; wearing the wrong eyeglass prescription. We've all heard the warnings about what will harm your vision, whether they're hard truths, or myths perpetuated by well-meaning moms, but we rarely hear advice regarding what we can do that actually protects or improves our vision and eye health. Obviously, as your local eye doctor, our total focus is opti…Read More

  4. Harmful Eye Symptoms that Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

    What do flashing lights and black outs have in common along with fog and floating objects? They're all signs of eye problems or diseases that should not be overlooked as benign. Where those with vision problems get used to mild discomfort or issues that cause irritation or annoyance, there are certain warning signs your eyes send that should be checked out immediately. Get to your local eye doctor…Read More

  5. Don’t Let Dry Eyes Bring you Down

    Aging brings with it experience and changes in how the body responds to life circumstances. Pulling all-nighters like we did in college isn't as easy or as fun, for instance. That’s okay, but some things can be more worrisome if we aren't as aware of the reason for the change. As we age, eye and vision problems that occur for a person of any age can increase in frequency or occurrence. Some issu…Read More