At InVision Eye Care we stock contact lens trials on all the major brands and will find the right contact that suits your needs.   Dr. Orgain will fit you in the most comfortable contact lens for your eyes while providing the best vision possible.  With the new breakthrough silicone hydrogel materials that have come out in recent years just about anyone can wear contact lenses comfortably all day long.   If you are a new contact lens wearer our contact lens technicians will train you on comfortably inserting and removing your contacts, and also how to care for them.


Our office offers terrific deals on contact lenses at prices at or lower than online prices and you don’t have to worry about getting expired boxes or the wrong prescription when you buy they from your optometrist. Call today and schedule your exam!


Clear Contacts – Spherical & Astigmatism – 2 week and monthly replacement




Color Contacts – (More new ones on the way from Acuvue also!)



Multifocal Contacts