Aging brings with it experience and changes in how the body responds to life circumstances. Pulling all-nighters like we did in college isn’t as easy or as fun, for instance. That’s okay, but some things can be more worrisome if we aren’t as aware of the reason for the change. As we age, eye and vision problems that occur for a person of any age can increase in frequency or occurrence. Some issues are minor no matter the age of the person suffering. The eye problems that can become or show signs of bigger problems will be addressed in future blogs. However, no matter how minor the eye problem, dealing with new issues with your eyes can be inconvenient and irritating. Dry eye is a common problem that can increase in occurrence with age.

Dry eye can start at any time during a person’s life. They can happen when the oil glands get clogged through irritation. Your eyes may also stop producing sufficient amounts or quality of tears. Depending on what’s causing the dry eyes, there are some fairly easy treatments your local eye doctor will have you try at home. Eye drops, applying a hot, moist washcloth and light massaging of the tear ducts or the lids can help in some situations.

Having dry eyes can affect the quality of your vision. Schedule an appointment to see your eye doctor at an eye care center near you for a diagnosis and treatment. No matter your age, it’s important to protect your vision and get the best quality vision possible. InVision Eye Care & Optical Center in Fayetteville, offers affordable eye exams. We are also a Lasik Eye Center if you are looking to get out of your glasses or contacts.