What do flashing lights and black outs have in common along with fog and floating objects? They’re all signs of eye problems or diseases that should not be overlooked as benign. Where those with vision problems get used to mild discomfort or issues that cause irritation or annoyance, there are certain warning signs your eyes send that should be checked out immediately. Get to your local eye doctor in Fayetteville right away if you experience any of these unusual vision occurrences:

Floaters: As we age, it is to be expected that the number of dark spots or string-like particles in our vision will increase. But even seniors should only be seeing few floaters on any given day. If you are seeing multiple floaters at any one time, you’ll need to schedule a visit with your ophthalmologist asap. Floaters can be an indication of a detached retina.

Flashing lights: Another sign of a possible retinal detachment is the the presence of recurring flashing lights in your peripheral vision. Make sure to get into the eye doctor for a full, dilated exam right away.

Temporary blindness or blackouts: Losing vision for any period of time is never okay. If you experience loss of vision or periods of blackout for five or 10 minutes, it could be a sign of cardiovascular problems including hypertension. When blood flow to the eye is interrupted, temporary blindness can occur. Ignoring this warning sign, can result in a stroke. Get tested immediately.

Densely-clouded or foggy vision: An urgent form of glaucoma often causes vision to become foggy or cloudy, which is often accompanied by extreme sensitivity to light. Where it is relatively rare, this form of glaucoma often requires emergency surgery to relieve the pressure built-up behind the eye.