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If you are a current contact lens wearer then you already know many of the benefits of having the option every day of wearing your lenses. If you are considering trying contacts for the first time, we are happy to answer any questions you may have before you start. Just call our office or ask the doctor during your exam.

AIR_OPTIX Some of our favorite lenses to help keep your eyes healthy and seeing great are the Acuvue Oasys and the Air Optix disposable lenses. These come in several types such as daily disposable, colors, astigmatism correcting, multifocal, etc., depending on your prescription and ocular needs. The doctor will discuss these options with you following your eye exam to find the lens that works best for you.

Some examples of the type of contact lenses we frequently fit:

  • Daily disposable, two-week, monthly, and quarterly replacement
  • Astigmatism soft disposable lenses
  • Color contacts to totally change or just enhance your eye color
  • Multifocal (near, intermediate and distance vision simultaneously) soft lenses
  • Gas permeable lenses
  • Multifocal gas permeable lenses
  • Bifocal gas permeable lenses