At InVision Eye Care we carry the brands you want for the latest styles.  Your face is the first thing people notice so why not look your best?  Below are some our most popular brands that we carry.  Come by and try them on!





Eyewear is more than just a visual aid!

Most people have many pairs of shoes but many have only one pair of eyewear.   People look at your eyes first and your eyewear should always make you look your best and you should consider having more than one pair for different activities and occasions.  Glasses are placed in the center of your face and highlight your style, and preferences for color and shape. Color can be matched to or contrasted with natural eye and hair color. In some cases lenses can be cut to suit the eye line.


Frames should be chosen to accentuate the natural features of your face:


RECTANGULAR FACE: Angular faces marry perfectly with oval lenses to give a harmonious appearance and wide temples to provide visual accents.

TRIANGULAR FACE: Delicate frames or rimless models harmonize facial proportions. Narrow lens shapes accentuate high cheekbones.

OVAL FACE: Rounded, square-shaped lenses are best suited to oval faces. They emphasize the eye zone and accentuate the charisma of the wearer.

ROUND FACE: Smaller, drop-shaped lenses are best suited to round faces as they can stretch the face vertically and reinforce a harmonious appearance.

SQUARE FACE: Perfect for bright colors on wide and interestingly-designed temples! Oval lens shapes complement square faces.


Call or come by today and let our opticians help you select the pair that best suits your features.